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Signs that you may have a problem

Symptoms of addiction

As a guide, you’ll find the typical signs of addiction here.

It’s important to realize that many preteens and teens have emotional and physical ups and downs that are unrelated to addiction. Entering puberty, peer pressure and other behavioral triggers can cause similar responses. Approach your child with sensitivity and openness to determine if there is a problem.

Physical signs

  •   Altered sleep habits
  •   Small or pinpoint pupils
  •   Dramatic weight changes
  •   Frequent nosebleeds
  •   Frequent colds or illnesses
  •   Itchy skin or unexplained cuts or scabs
  •   Leg cramps
  •   Poor hygiene

Emotional signs

  •   A sense of desperation
  •   Changes in personality or friends
  •   School or work performance problems
  •   Out of or in need of money
  •   Nodding off or constant sleep problems
  •   Paranoia
  •   Secrecy