I am here for someone I know

Be prepared. Be aware. Be open.

The day you find drug paraphernalia may be one of the toughest of your life.

When did the drug use start? How did it happen? What should you do? Is there a way to prevent it from happening to a loved one? For parents and other concerned family members, it’s important to be prepared with education about drug and alcohol prevention specifically for kids and teens. We offer drug and alcohol addiction prevention information that can help you understand what you can do to help keep addiction from affecting your kids.

If you suspect a child you care about is using drugs or alcohol, there are things you should know. Addiction is often a developmental disease that can begin when the brain is most vulnerable — in adolescence or childhood. Illegal drug and alcohol use doesn’t discriminate. It can happen in any family.

Becky King Parent of a daughter in recovery

How the Good Samaritan/911 law works

In Delaware, if you call 911 to report someone experiencing an overdose, you cannot be arrested or prosecuted for a low-level drug crime.

The law gives you the power to do the right thing. It gives you the power to save lives.


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