Organizations Providing Support

When Finding Support Can’t Wait

Get the support you need right now, right here. The organizations listed here — both local and national — offer help for addiction and mental-health-related issues by phone. Access crisis connections, emotional support, psychiatric services, recovery support, outpatient and family substance use disorder support, suicide hotlines, and more for adolescents and adults. Many are helplines or hotlines. Some are available 24/7, while others have specific hours. Organizations you can trust to offer the support you need are just a phone call away.

Name Locations Availability Phone
211 Lifeline - Goodwill of the Finger Lakes

Available languages: Se habla español

Locations:New York Availability:Monday-Friday
Alzheimers Association Delaware Valley Chapter

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:800-272-3900
Aquila of Delaware

Accepts Insurance

  • Services: Aquila of Delaware: Treats adolescents and young adults. Offices in Wilmington 302-999-1106 and Georgetown 302-856-9746.

  • Website:
Locations:Wilmington, Georgetown Availability:Monday-Friday
Child Priority Response Services

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:800-969-4357
Chill, Inc

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:302-762-8989
ext 3011
Connections Community Support Programs

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:833-866-2277
Crisis Connections
Locations:Washington Availability:Monday-Sunday
Crisis Intervention Services

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:302-478-9411
Crisis Response Network - Central Arizona

Available languages: Se habla español

Locations:Arizona Availability:24/7 Phone:602-347-1100
Delaware Psychological Services

Locations: Availability:Monday-Friday
Disaster Distress Helpline - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Available languages: Se habla español National Organization

  • Services: Crisis counseling and support to people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.

  • Text Hablanos to 66746
Locations:USA Availability:24/7 Phone:800-985-5990
press 2
Division of Public Health

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:800-232-5460
Hopes and Dreams

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:302-588-6946
Jewish Family Services Emotional Support Hotline

Locations: Availability:Monday-Friday
Jewish Family Services Virtual Support

Locations: Availability:Tuesdays/Thursdays
Latin American Community Center

Accepts Insurance

  • Services: Latin American Community Center: Outpatient individual, group and family substance usage disorder treatment at Wilmington center.

  • Website:
Locations:Wilmington Availability: Phone:302-655-7338
Mental Health America of Wisconsin

Available languages: Se habla español

Locations:Wisconsin Availability:7pm-11pm CST Phone:414-777-4729
Mental Health Partnerships ACE Peer Center

Locations: Availability:Monday-Sunday
Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health

Accepts Insurance

  • Services: Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health: Suboxone induction and maintenance supported by one-on-one outpatient treatment and psychiatric services in Newark.

  • Website:
Locations:Newark Availability: Phone:302-224-1400
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Available languages: Se habla español National Organization

Locations:USA Availability:24/7 Phone:888-628-9454
North Node Group Counseling

Locations: Availability:Monday-Friday
NYC Well

Available languages: Se habla español

  • Services: Our Peer Support Specialists’ own experiences with mental health or substance misuse challenges can help you move through difficult times and introduce some of the choices that are available for you to deal with your emotional challenges.

  • Text WELL to 65173
Locations:New York Availability:24/7 Phone:888-692-9355
press 3 for Spanish
Project Return Peer Support Network

Available languages: Se habla español

  • Services: After-hours telephone line for individuals with mental health challenges

  • Text 888-448-4055
Locations:California Availability:Monday-Sunday
5pm-10pm PST
Recover Together with Google
Locations: Availability: Phone:

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:800-985-5990
Thresholds, Inc.

Locations: Availability:Monday-Friday
Veterans Association

Locations: Availability:24/7 Phone:877-927-8387