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Restaurant Accolade Program

The CDC has identified restaurants as one of the industries whose workforce has a high incidence of overdose.

The Office of Health Crisis Response (OHCR) at the Division of Public Health (DPH) commissioned the Restaurant Accolade Program to assist the restaurant industry with addressing the drug overdose crisis.

This initiative will equip restaurant employees with knowledge, skills, and resources — such as Narcan® kits — to reduce deaths.

Interested in participating?

If you would like information on participating in this program, email with your contact information.



The Restaurant Accolade Program will recognize efforts at three levels, based on education and participation:

Bronze Level

Restaurant employees receive overdose prevention training, and Narcan is readily available on-site (training provided by DPH free of charge).

Silver Level

Completion of bronze criteria plus having one to two workers trained to help those in need find resources.

Gold Level

Completion of bronze and silver criteria, and in addition, the restaurant will implement policies in support of individuals with SUD and train all staff on them. To help you attain all levels, DPH or its partner organizations will provide free training and support.

Support these restaurants that help our community.

Bronze Level